Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan 2019 - 2031

[estimated] Ended on the 9 June 2021
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Appendix G Acknowledgements

The Knebworth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee would like to express their thanks and appreciation to the following people and organisations for their invaluable help and involvement with the development of this Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Members of the Neighbourhood Plan working groups for:
    • Traffic, Transportation and Parking - aiming to improve infrastructure and parking issues
    • Local Economy, including retail, restaurants and bars
    • Environment and Flooding - all aspects of conservation and pollution
    • Built Environment, which covers housing density and character
    • Schools and Education - covering pre-school, primary and secondary provision
    • Wellbeing, which includes medical and public services, and environment, views and local green spaces
  • Knebworth Parish Council for embarking on the project, funding and councillor support
  • North Herts District Council Officers for their advice and guidance
  • Locality for funding
  • Knebworth Parish News Magazine for publishing news updates
  • All the businesses and organisations who have displayed posters and hosted survey collection boxes
  • Residents and businesses who have helped with delivery of leaflets
  • Landowners and developers who engaged with the group, shared their aspirations for their sites and supported the process.
  • All those who responded to the parish survey, business survey, sport and leisure survey, Estate Agents' survey, plus the two parking surveys in Great Ashby and Knebworth.
  • The Steering Committee members who conducted the above surveys, plus a local Wildlife Survey
  • Knebworth Primary and Nursery School pupils and teachers
  • Knebworth Scout and Guide leaders
  • Youth Project volunteers and group members
  • A local historian for the background information of the development of Knebworth.
  • The consultants, Govresources, for their professional support and input to the Plan
  • Photographs submitted - some photographs may be from unknown sources – no copyright infringement is intended - thanks to all who originated these photographs.
  • Knebworth WI for their efforts in continuing on a regular basis to re-plant the Knebworth sign planters at each end of the village and the photographs of the results.
  • Waste Not Want Not plant nursery for their contribution to the plants/planters themselves
  • HCC Flood Risk Management (Andy Flagstaff, Team Leader).


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