Ashwell Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Submission

Ended on the 15 April 2021
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13 Implementation and plan review

13.1 The Parish Council is the official body responsible for the ANP. It established a Working Group – comprising councillors and residents - to lead on the development of the ANP. Once it has been 'made', the work of the Working Group effectively comes to an end. There are, however, a series of actions that will need to be undertaken. For this reason, the Parish Council might consider extending the role of the Working Group, which could include the same members or provide an opportunity for new members to join.

13.2 Specific actions that will need to be undertaken are as follows:

  • reviewing the ANP once the Emerging Local Plan has been made or if the planning authority changes it, once it is made
  • pursuing the Non-Policy Actions detailed in Section 14 of this document
  • commenting on planning applications or consultations relating to the ANP area
  • monitoring the application of the ANP policies to ensure they have been applied consistently and interpreted correctly in response to planning applications, and
  • maintaining a dialogue with North Hertfordshire District Council regarding the timing and content of the Emerging Local Plan

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