Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018 - 2031 - February 2019

Ended on the 25 April 2019
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A. People

A.1 The Neighbourhood Plan Team

Our thanks to all of the team.

The Steering Group

  • Wally Steele (Chairman)
  • Di Day (Vice Chair)
  • Margaret Trinder (Parish Council Liaison)
  • Fay Higgin (Clerk)
  • Malcolm Gomm
  • Alexandra Higgin
  • Liz Hunter
  • Rae Reynolds

The Volunteers

  1. Residents who deliver every month the Church and Village Newsletter to all households in the parish:

Margaret Cashin, Patrick Diamond, David and Frances Drew, John and Stephanie Healey, Sue Kellard, Ann Lowle, Doreen Sansom, Ros Welch

Production of newsletter: Howard Trinder – editor. Liz Madden – arranges photocopying in the office at PHC. Doreen Sansom – allocates the copies needed for each 'delivery area'.

  1. Residents who volunteered to deliver and to collect the NP Questionnaires, in January and February 2017:

All the people above, and in addition, the following:

Richard and Di Blockley, Adrian and Chris Hardy, Mike Kellard, Ita Leaver, David Morgan, Christina Nurthen, Sandra Palmer, Meta Reeves, Richard Woolfson.

  1. Residents and friends of the parish who have made other contributions: Frances Drew - the 63 Listed Buildings of the parish

Dr. Jane Sears - the natural environment of the parish

Philip Wray (author of A History of Preston in Hertfordshire) – who gave permission for use of his research, reviewed aspects of our research and analysis.

A.2 Other Individuals and Organisations

Our thanks to the other people and organisations who we consulted that provided information and/or services in the development of our Neighbourhood Plan.

Becky Lewis, Insight Fountain

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Hertfordshire Branch Claire Skeels, North Herts District Council (NHDC)

Colin Kendal, Creamers Print and Design Donna Moles, Moles Consulting

English Heritage

Hertfordshire Environmental Record Centre (HERC) Hertfordshire Historic Environment Records (HHER)

- which is a section of the Planning Dept. of Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust

Jacqueline Veater, Independent Planning Consultant

Kate Harwood, Conservation and Planning Officer - Hertfordshire Gardens Trust Keith Fitzpatrick-Matthews, Archaeology Officer, NHDC Museum Service Ordnance Survey Office

Preston News Service (PNS)

PHC (formerly Princess Helena College)

Wally Steele Limited - Website, Graphic Design, Photography and IT Support.

A.3 Other Neighbourhood Plans

Our thanks also go to the communities and steering groups of other neighbourhoods who have produced plans which we used as a resource: Braughing, Mattishall, Pirton, Tattenhall and Walkern Parish Councils – we have read and learnt from your Neighbourhood Plans.

If you are having trouble using the system, please try our help guide.
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