Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018 - 2031 - February 2019

Ended on the 25 April 2019
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7. Living in Preston (Quality of Life)

7.1 The results from the Questionnaire show that there is currently very high satisfaction (91%) with living in Preston. Residents love it for the green spaces and access to the countryside that it offers.For a community of walkers, many with dogs, the rural setting is an ideal.

7.2 Quality of life is the satisfaction in life that comes from having good health, comfort, good relationships rather than from money. It is satisfaction with the environmental, cultural or intellectual conditions under which we live.

7.3 The concept of community quality of life is often used to explore community factors, resources and services that are observed by residents as factors influencing their life quality. A community quality of life is the shared characteristics residents experience in places, which might include air and water quality, traffic or recreational opportunities and the subjective evaluations residents make of these conditions.

7.4 Preston is quiet, peaceful and tranquil. There is a good community spirit and neighbours are considered friendly, helpful and welcoming. There is a good local pub owned by villagers and easy access to more facilities and amenities in Hitchin as well as transport links to London.

7.5 Being part of a unique community enhances the quality of life for local residents who appreciate the character of the village with its variety of housing, both in style and age, as well as local lanes and footpaths and the green spaces of both the village and the parish. The historic and heritage aspects are important as they are key factors in the distinctiveness of the village and must be maintained.

Objective Q1: To encourage the provision of opportunities for social interaction through education, cultural, leisure and sports for all members of the community.

Policy QL1: Social Interaction:

Development proposals for cultural, leisure, sport or commercial activities will be supported where they improve, maintain or make alternative provision for social interaction.

See also Policy AF1 and Policy AF2

Objective Q2: To promote a community quality of life including clean air and water, enjoyment of open spaces, conservation of wildlife and natural resources, security from crime and protection from toxic substances.

Policy QL2: Community Quality of Life:

Planning applications should ensure that development will not have any adverse effect on access to clean air, water and open spaces. Development will only be permitted if plans indicate that there is no increase to the risk of exposure to toxic substances, adverse effects on wildlife and natural resources. Crime prevention measures need to be designed-in at the start of the project following consultation with the Police Crime Prevention Officer.

See also Policies EH3, EH4, EH6, EH7 and EH8

Objective Q3: To prioritise local distinctiveness in every element of change and growth.

Policy QL3: Local Distinctiveness

The architecture of and landscaping schemes in all new developments should preserve and where possible enhance heritage assets, historic features, and rural character, thereby promoting community identity and preserving local distinctiveness.

See also Policies HD9, HD10, HD12, EH1, EH2, EH7

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