Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018 - 2031 - February 2019

Ended on the 25 April 2019
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1. Introduction

1.1 The Preston Parish Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led document for guiding the future development of the parish. It forms part of the Government's current approach to planning.

1.2 The Plan has been developed under the Localism Act (2011) and the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulation (2012), which was introduced to regulate the formation and approval of neighbourhood plans.

1.3 The Plan has been developed in general conformity with the National Planning Policy Framework July 2018 (NPPF), which sets out the Government's planning policies for England and how these should be applied. Our plan has also been developed in accordance with the saved policies of the 1996 North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC) Local Plan which do not conflict with the NPPF. In addition, our plan's policies conform to the emerging NHDC Local Plan 2011-2031.

1.4 Neighbourhood planning now provides an opportunity for the community to have a real say over local decision making, to achieve its long-standing goals through the planning system and address the challenges and opportunities facing the future vitality of the parish. The Neighbourhood Plan is based on extensive research and influenced by robust engagement with the local community. When the Plan is made it will have very significant weight in the determination of planning applications.

1.5 The Neighbourhood Plan was commissioned by Preston Parish Council following a Parish Meeting on 26 June 2016 and part funded by them. Other funding came from a Locality Grant from central Government and a grant from NHDC. A Steering Group of local residents developed the Plan based on the principles of sustainable development.

1.6 Sustainable development is about positive growth; making economic, social and environmental progress for present and future generations. The Steering Group has taken due regard of these three dimensions which constitute what is sustainable in planning terms, according to the National Planning Policy Framework.

  1. an economic objective – to help build a strong, responsive and competitive economy, by ensuring that sufficient land of the right types is available in the right places and at the right time to support growth, innovation and improved productivity; and by identifying and coordinating the provision of infrastructure;
  2. a social objective – to support strong, vibrant and healthy communities, by ensuring that a sufficient number and range of homes can be provided to meet the needs of present and future generations; and by fostering a well-designed and safe built environment, with accessible services and open spaces that reflect current and future needs and support communities' health, social and cultural well-being; and
  3. an environmental objective – to contribute to protecting and enhancing our natural, built and historic environment; including making effective use of land, helping to improve biodiversity, using natural resources prudently, minimising waste and pollution, and mitigating and adapting to climate change, including moving to a low carbon economy.

1.7 The policies and projects in the Plan reflect the views of local people gathered through a series of consultation events, questionnaires, detailed stakeholder sessions and examination of relevant documents. The Plan references the qualitative and quantitative outputs from these activities, particularly in relation to the provision of evidence in support of the policies and projects. The Steering Group is grateful to all residents and organisations who have contributed to the evidence, objectives and policies for the Plan.

1.8 Some of the points raised by local people are not within the remit of either the Neighbourhood Plan or the Parish Council: aircraft noise and pollution and lights from Luton Airport. Other points and ideas raised during the Regulation 14 Consultation have been incorporated into a Project List which is contained in Appendix G on page 107.

Preston Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area


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