Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011 - 2031

Ended on the 23 March 2017
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8. List of Abbreviations and Glossary

8.1 Abbreviations:


Archaeological Area


Archaeological Alert Area


Area of Architectural Significance


(Chilterns) Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty


Dwellings per Hectare


Hertfordshire County Council


Her Majesty's Government


North Hertfordshire District Council




National Planning Policy Framework


Pirton Neighbourhood Plan


Pirton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


Pirton Parish Council


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (see also Glossary of Terms)


Site of Special Scientific Interest


Design Statement

8.2 Glossary of Terms:

2011 Census

The results of the national statistical survey carried out by the Government in 2011.

2014 Questionnaire

The consultation document which was delivered to virtually every adult (aged 16 years and above) and youth (aged 10 to 15 years inclusive) in the parish of Pirton – approximately 76% of adult Questionnaires (90% of the Youth Questionnaires) were completed and returned from 80% of households in the parish. See also NP Survey 2015.

Character Assessment

An analysis of the factors that give Pirton its unique character.

Chiltern Hills

Located to the west of Pirton village, with part of the eastern portion of it abutting the village, within the parish boundary of Pirton.

Development Sizes

Small Developments - Less than 10 dwellings.

Medium-size Developments

Between 10 and 25 dwellings.

Large Developments

Greater than 25 dwellings.

District Council

See Local Authority.

Evidence Base

The information, comment and needs discovered by the Steering Group following various consultations with the parish community, enquiries made of interested parties and stakeholders, and a determination of those issues and impacts which will have a bearing and consequence on Pirton, and the life of the community, now and in the next 15 to 20 years.


An independent expert, sanctioned by Locality who will be appointed by NHDC to examine the Pirton Neighbourhood Plan (the Plan) submitted by PPC/PNPSG to ensure that it meets the "Basic Conditions" set by law for a Neighbourhood Plan. If the plan meets the Basic Conditions, with or without   modifications, the Examiner will recommend to the NHDC that it proceeds to referendum.

Housing Needs Survey

Completed by Pirton Parish Council and published in 2010 following the analysis of a parish wide survey of housing need in Pirton.

Key Themes

The principal elements of Neighbourhood Plan which directly relate to both what it means to live in Pirton, and the future desires and aspirations of residents, which emerged following a number of both formal and informal consultation sessions, with the Pirton parish community, and others since the Steering Group was established in 2013.

Local Authority

North Hertfordshire District Council (NHDC).

Local Plan

The NHDC Local Plan covering amongst other issues, development and infrastructure in North Hertfordshire.


The body established by Her Majesty's Government, which in addition to other duties, monitors and provides advice and support/funding to enable the creation of Neighbourhood Plans for local communities in England & Wales.


The term used to signify that a Neighbourhood Plan, having been approved at referendum, has been adopted by the Local Authority, and has become an integral and legally binding part of the Local Plan.

National Planning Policy Framework

Planning policy guidance issued by HMG under the Localism Act 2011. Neighbourhood Plans must conform with the policies in the NPPF.

Neighbourhood Development Plan

See Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan

An essential element within the Localism Act 2011 it is the mechanism through which local communities can influence and sometimes control development and growth in their Designated Area.

Neighbourhood Plan Designated Area

The recognition of, and formal delineation of the area within which the effect of a Neighbourhood Development Plan is deemed to be in operation.

NP Survey 2015

Created by the Steering Group in January 2015 from the analysis of the returned completed adult and youth Questionnaires, circulated to each household in Pirton during November & December 2014.

Pirton Parish Plan

Completed by Pirton Parish Council in 2013 following consultation with the parish community and providing guidance to NHDC on matters relating to and affecting Pirton.

Pirton Lowlands

The topographical area of land within the parish towards the east and north of Pirton village.


See Regulation 14 Consultation.

Preferred Options

The NHDC Consultation with the residents of North Hertfordshire in late 2014 sought the views of residents to their preferred options for future development in North Herts.

Qualifying Body

A Parish or Town Council which is responsible for producing a Neighbourhood Plan in its parish or town.

Regulation 14 Consultation

The statutory consultation conducted by the Qualifying Body (here the PPC) supported by the Steering Group with the Parish community of Pirton, prior to the Neighbourhood Plan being submitted to the NHDC and eventually for Examination to NHDC.

Saved Policies

The policies which are currently applicable to housing and development in North Hertfordshire in the absence of a new Local Plan which is being drafted by NHDC.

Section 106

Planning obligations under Sec. 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) are a mechanism which makes development proposal acceptable in planning terms which would not otherwise be acceptable, e.g. by funding an expansion of school places, or extensions of local facilities.

Strategic Housing Land Allocation Assessment

The assessment carried out by NHDC of available land within North Hertfordshire which is both accessible and available for development, to enable NHDC to meet its required housing numbers as part of the national housing needs policy of HMG.

Strategic Policies

Those Saved Policies and future policies forming the NHDC Local Plan with which the Neighbourhood Plan must be in general conformity for example, the Strategic Housing Land Allocation Assessment (SHLAA).

Steering Group

The Working Group which in May 2013 was formally requested by the parish community and subsequently established by the Parish Council to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Pirton.

The Plan

See Neighbourhood Plan.

Village Design Statement

Completed by Pirton Parish Council in 2003 following consultation with the parish community relating to their preferred options on housing development and design in Pirton. It was adopted as supplemental planning guidance by the NHDC.

Windfall Development

Normally small development sites not specifically identified for development within the Neighbourhood Plan or the Local Plan and which emerge on an ad hoc basis.

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