Pirton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2011 - 2031

Ended on the 23 March 2017
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4.1 The Vision for Pirton Parish 2016 - 2031

The Portrait of Pirton Village and Parish underpins the following Vision which takes into account the Themes and Issues identified by the community and informed the setting of the Objectives for the Plan and thence its Policies:

"Pirton Parish thrives socially, economically and environmentally as a safe, tranquil, rural community where sustainable development of good and intelligent design enhances its distinctive character; its heritage, biodiversity and position, and respects and enhances its position in the landscape."

4.2 The Neighbourhood Plan Objectives

The purpose of all the Pirton Neighbourhood Plan Objectives is to encourage sustainable growth and development which is sympathetic to the character of the village and Parish of Pirton and is in general conformity with the Strategic policies of North Herts. District Council, both the current Local Plan and the emerging Local Plan.


  1. To encourage mixed housing growth that encompasses the needs of all ages and social strata with an emphasis on young families, elderly downsizers and affordable homes.
  2. To encourage sensitive and innovative development in accordance with the existing character of Pirton village and Parish including its greenery, wildlife habitats, its built and archaeological heritage and connectivity to the countryside.
  3. To prevent sprawl and urbanisation and maintain Pirton as distinctive and separate place from the surrounding villages or the town of Hitchin.
  4. To ensure that Pirton Parish remains a safe place to live (including pedestrian, equestrian, cyclist and motorist safety), adequately served by Public transport, and with an emphasis on encouraging walking and cycling in and around the village and parish.
  5. To ensure conservation and enhancement of the local landscape and biodiversity of the Parish of Pirton including the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
  6. To ensure conservation and enhancement of Pirton's rich heritage.
  7. To conserve and enhance the distinctive views which contribute towards Pirton's character and beautiful position as a rural settlement.
  8. To protect important green and open spaces within Pirton Village and Pirton Parish and establish new green and open spaces within new developments.
  9. To sustain and enhance community facilities for the benefit of all residents and the wider local community (including those with a disability).
  10. To support the rural economy by increasing the opportunity for home working, improving visitor facilities for the enjoyment of Pirton's countryside and rich heritage, and encouraging alternative business use for redundant farm buildings.
  11. To create and improve facilities specifically for young people in conjunction with appropriate organisations both within and beyond the parish.
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