Statement of Community Involvement for Planning Draft Consultation - January 2020

Ended on the 25 March 2020
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10. NHDC Resource Availability

10.1. The SCI is based on a realistic assessment of the likely resources available to the council in the foreseeable future. The council does not have either the staff or the financial resources to undertake large scale community and stakeholder events without impacting upon our ability to deliver important day-to-day services. The SCI sets out how the council will undertake a programme of consultation which is achievable and realistic but which will not raise expectations. In order to make the best uses of resources, the council will endeavour to combine local plan consultations with other consultations for council initiatives where this is appropriate and timely.

10.2. The council will be responsible for making the appropriate resources available to implement the consultation methods set out in this SCI. It is envisaged that the proposed consultation measures can be met in house.

10.3. The Service Director – Regulatory will be responsible for managing the overall consultation process and its implementation will be the responsibility of the Strategic Planning or the Strategic Infrastructure and Projects Teams.

10.4. Public consultation in relation to planning applications will be the responsibility of the council's Planning Control and Conservation Manager.

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