Statement of Community Involvement for Planning Draft Consultation - January 2020

Ended on the 25 March 2020
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3. Supplementary Planning Documents and Planning Briefs

3.1. A Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) should provide more detailed advice or guidance in respect of adopted local plan policies. Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific issues or sites allocated for development but they cannot introduce new planning policies. SPDs are capable of being a material consideration in respect of a planning decision but they do not form part of the development plan.

3.2. Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) or Planning Briefs prepared by the Council will be subject to public consultation but they are not subject to examination by a Planning Inspector before they are adopted.

3.3. There are a number of stages involved in the preparation of a SPD or Planning Brief, as outlined in the table below.

Table 2 : Supplementary Planning Documents – Stages of preparation

Stage of SPD Preparation



Collation of background information which might include government policy and advice, best practice examples, survey work or statistical analysis.

This information will be used to prepare a draft supplementary document which will be presented to Cabinet before it is published for public consultation.


A draft SPD will be subject to public consultation for a minimum of four weeks. The council will seek involvement from a variety of relevant stakeholders which might include: statutory consultees, landowners, agents, developers, residents, local businesses and community organisations.

(Individuals will only be consulted where they have explicitly stated that they would like to be consulted on an SPD).

We will publish the consultation documents on the council's website and place them in the local libraries.

All comments will be considered and amendments will be made to the final document where it is considered to be appropriate.


When a Supplementary Planning Document is adopted by the Council it will be published on the website together with a statement of the representations received, the response to those representations and an adoption statement. All those who made comments will be informed.

The adopted SPD will be available to view on the council's website.

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