Baldock, Bygrave & Clothall Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Version

Ended on the 25 March 2020
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Vision and objectives

Baldock High Street and Clothall parish notice board

Against this background, and taking into account the priorities identified by the local community during our discussions, an overall vision for the area has been developed:

By the end of the plan period, Baldock and the parishes of Bygrave and Clothall will continue to offer a high quality of life and a strong community feel. The range of community services and job opportunities available will have improved, and new transport infrastructure and services will cater for growth that occurs. There will be more green spaces and recreation opportunities to enjoy, and the conservation and enhancement of historic buildings and sites will make the area's rich history apparent to all. Where significant growth does happen, it will complement the existing town and set high standards of design and environmental performance.

In support of this vision, a small number of key objectives have been identified for the Neighbourhood Plan to pursue:

  1. Sustain and strengthen Baldock's character as a historic and vibrant market town, and the rural character and separate identities of Bygrave, Clothall and Luffenhall.
  2. Ensure that new development is well designed, maintains and reflects important features of Baldock and its surroundings, and is resilient to climate change.
  3. Secure the right infrastructure and facilities needed to serve the expanded town, and to avoid unacceptable impacts from new development.
  4. Ensure that Baldock grows in a way that builds strong connections between all parts of the town (and maintains good connections with neighbouring villages and countryside); and which provides homes, services and job opportunities that cater for both existing and new residents.

The Neighbourhood Plan does not deal directly with every aspect of these, as it supplements the policies proposed in the new North Hertfordshire Local Plan. For example, it does not contain policies for the mix of homes to be provided, as suitable policies are proposed in the new Local Plan. A full list of relevant policies contained in the Neighbourhood Plan and proposed in the new Local Plan is at Annex B. 

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