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Proposed Main Modifications

Graveley & North of Stevenage

Representation ID: 7393

Received: 09/04/2019

Respondent: Ms V Penny Lines

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? No

Duty to co-operate? Not specified

Representation Summary:

See attached.

Full text:

I wish to object most strongly at your approach to development on the narrow strip of Green Belt surrounding Graveley Village. Your method of redrawing a settlement boundary closer in to the village centre and excluding
our Church, St Mary, Graveley
Numbers 2 and 4 High street
and numbers 1-11 High Street
is frankly outrageous.
How this approach can be allowed is beyond comprehension and only put forward by your planners in order to move undevelopable land into the possible development sphere. It is clearly Inappropriate Development to do this and threatens the unique nature of our village.

Graveley is a stand alone village at the moment and that is how it should stay. It should not be swallowed up by Stevenage. Any encroachment towards Stevenage should not be allowed, nor Stevenage encroachment towards Graveley Village.

In the future Lister Hospital will probably expand and will need more land adjacent to it for more building and car parking. There is not enough space for car parking now and the land near the hospital should not be used for housing. Some of the Lister staff already park in Graveley.

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