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Proposed Main Modifications

MM010 - Page 32 Policy SP2

Representation ID: 7391

Received: 09/04/2019

Respondent: Mrs Margaret Charles

Legally compliant? Not specified

Sound? No

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Representation Summary:

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Full text:

I am writing with my concern for the proposed development around Little Wymondley.
I continue to fiercely object to the proposal to double the size of our village. My main concerns remain the size of the development, traffic congestion, air pollution, green belt depilation and flooding.
The development is far too large for our village coupled with the change of category for Little Wymondley from category A village to a growth village with no consultation on this and no communication to say that this was even being considered.
With the traffic we are already finding it impossible to get out on the A1 roundabout in rush hour, my husband had to travel all the way up to Letchworth on the A1 for a hospital appointment as just couldn't get across the roundabout. I cannot imagine how a doubling of cars will alleviate this situation.
Air pollution with the additional cars and transport coming in to build any development is just incomprehensible.
Green belt land is precious and I do not feel that sufficient thought has been put into changing the land use. I do not feel that thresholds have been met for changing the use and indeed a study has shown how important and needed the green belt is.
Lastly and not least the flooding in the village which will not be helped by additional dwellings.
Our village is important to us and someone needs to listen to local people and their genuine concerns.

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