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Developer Contributions Supplementary Planning Document

8. Natural Environment

Representation ID: 8423

Received: 16/03/2020

Respondent: Anglian Water Services Ltd


8.8 Water supply and waste-water infrastructure

Anglian Water as a sewerage company seeks fair contributions through charges directly from developers under the provisions of the Water Industry Act 1991 to drain a site effectively. As such we would not, in most cases, make use of planning obligations or standard charges under Planning Legislation for this purpose.

In general, water recycling centre (previously referred to as sewage or wastewater treatment works) upgrades where required to provide for additional growth are wholly funded by Anglian Water through our Business Plan from our customer bills.

We welcome the reference made to the use of planning conditions for foul drainage as this will help to ensure that the risk of sewer flooding (where relevant) to our customers is addressed as part of the planning process. However we would not expect to make use of legal agreements or conditions relating to foul treatment capacity as suggested.

It is therefore proposed that para 8.8.4 is amended as follows:

‘8.8.4 Mechanisms for delivering any necessary new or improved water and/ or wastewater infrastructure, including foul water treatment and drainageisposal, may be required via planning conditions and/or legal agreement in accordance with Local Plan Policy NE10 Water Conservation and wastewater infrastructure.’

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